Research Group


For those ceramics lovers who want to learn more and share their knowledge with others, we offer a research group. At monthly meetings, individual members make presentations to the entire group on various aspects of ceramic history and production. Each year we focus on a specific topic; the 2015-2016 theme, Earthenware Around the World, considered Della Robbia pottery, Dutch Delftware, Japanese Raku, and other earthenware traditions. In 2016-2017, we are focussing on ceramic figures and figurines, including Meissen, Chinese, and German pottery. Each member is encouraged to select a subject that reflects a personal investigative interest. Periodic excursions to view private collections and auction house offerings are coordinated with the topic under investigation.

One of our most enjoyable and informative meetings is the annual Show and Tell, in which each member brings a ceramic piece to explore with the group. When the piece is otherwise unknown, we try to determine its function, manufacture, and provenance.

In recent years, the group has studied British ceramics, ceramics in the ancient world, Sèvres porcelain, and great porcelain and pottery collections, to name but a few of the topics. We welcome all ceramics aficionados to join us.


Above (Left to Right)
1. Figures of Street Vendors, Chelsea Porcelain Factory (London, England, circa 1745–1769)., circa 1760, soft-paste porcelain. Museum Purchase: Delhom Collection. 1965.48.460.1-2. Collection of The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina.
2.Joy Brown, Touching Toes.  Anagama fired stoneware.  Photo by Richard Wanderman..
3.Teapot, “Fish in Waves”, Minton Majolica earthenware, circa 1870, H. 6″.  Photo courtesy of Nicolaus Boston.